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How Small Will Audio Amplifiers Become?

Recently, you may have noticed that audio amplifiers have become small. In fact, they have become so small that some of them easily fit into a portable device such as a smart phone. However, having a small size also brings about some limitations. So how small can audio amplifiers become without sacrificing performance? Let me look at some technical specifications that you need to understand in order to figure out the answer.

The main purpose of an audio amplifier is to convert an envelope audio signal into a voltage which is strong enough to drive some speakers. Different types of amplifiers have a different number of channels. A stereo amplifier, for example, has two channels. It usually drives two speakers which connect to an audio source. Obviously, having two channels requires more space than having an amplifier only offers a single channel.

Multi-channel amplifiers such as the ones used for surround sound setups are even …

How to Avoid Frustration When Installing Home Theater Equipment

Many people purchase home theater in a box kits. These kits are usually much cheaper than if you were to purchase individual speakers and home theater receivers. They usually contain all of the components required for the installation. Usually, such kits a receiver is well as a number of loudspeakers. The amplifier which is going to drive each speaker is already built into the AV receiver.

Therefore, this seems to be quite easy to set up. However, sometimes there will be some frustration. In particular, the large number of speakers that need to be set up can be a hassle. Not only will you have to string a significant amount of speaker wire throughout your room but you will also need to keep track of which speaker is connected to which output of the AV receiver.

In addition, you will also have to keep note of the polarity of each speaker clamp. Each speaker clamp …

How to Fix a Broken Volume Control inside Your Audio Equipment

The volume control is probably one of the most used control elements of any type of equipment. Let’s just imagine an audio amplifier. You would probably adjust the volume several times a day. That means that is quite an amount of wear and tear on the volume control of your audio amplifier. Over time, this volume control can wear out and cause problems. I will offer some tips for fixing a broken volume control.

If you still have warranty on your equipment then you might want to try to talk the retailer what manufacturer to see if you can get your product fixed for free. You might have to pay for the return shipping but there shouldn’t be any charges incurred for labor or parts. Most products are warranted for at least 90 days after the purchase date.

However, if you have damaged the control or dropped the equipment then that would not be covered …

Some Tips for Setting up a Network Player

Network players have become widespread within the last few years. They are based on a fairly new technology of streaming audio using a network protocol. Most homes nowadays are wired in some fashion. That means that you can transfer data between a PC or laptop which is located in any room of your house and other devices in your home. Music is now being digitized as well. That means songs are represented as data instead of an analog signal.

As a result, you can easily transfer this data between different locations. There are several manufacturers that offer networked audio systems. The core of these systems is usually a network player. This network player will store data on an internal hard drive. It is equipped with a network interface that allows streaming of songs or videos which are on the local hard drive to devices which are connected to the network. Some network players even offer …

Some Shopping Tips for Wireless Speakers

Now is the perfect time to purchase for some wireless speakers. Prices of many Bluetooth speakers have started to crumble and are now at an all-time low. Also, it is a good time to purchase some outdoor speakers as well. I will give you some advice for selecting the perfect product which will be a hit during the holidays.

discounted wireless speakers

You should always shop smart regardless of what product you purchase. I will take a look at some indoor and outdoor speakers to help you decide on the perfect Christmas gift. Bluetooth speakers might be an obvious choice. If you look for some wireless speakers then those types of speakers for probably catch your eye. There are now thousands of different types of Bluetooth speakers on the market. Most of these speakers are entry-level type speakers costing less than $50. Obviously, don’t expect wonders.

wireless Amphony speakers

If you cannot spend more than $50 then you will end up …

Some Tips for Repairing Audio Components

If you are skilled with using a soldering iron then chances are that you can repair much of your audio gear yourself. So if something breaks you don’t have to take it back to the dealer if the warranty has expired. They would most likely charged horrendous fees for repairing the equipment. Instead, you can try to fix it yourself. However, only attempt this once the warranty has expired. I would keep all of your receipts from purchasing the equipment so that you can always check whether the equipment still has warranty or not.

If you don’t have to receipt then you might want to check if there any stickers applied on the equipment itself which would indicate the date of purchase. Typically manufacturers offer one year warrantee. Within that warrantee you can get your equipment repair or replace free of charge. If you are afraid of your equipment breaking after the warranty has expired, …

Some Ways for Streaming Audio from Your Computer

In the good old days, people used to buy albums and then later CDs. The switch to the CD from the album has been a huge leap in terms of audio quality. You might remember listening to music on an album and the popping and crackling that you would get. While this used to add some character to the music, people nowadays prefer high fidelity audio. Therefore, the CD was introduced. However, the CD was then replaced or substituted by the Blu-ray or DVD. Both of these media are able to store much more information than the CD. Therefore, the DVD has become the classic medium for storing movies. The high definition DVD as well as the Blu-ray CD are even more advanced than the classic DVD and are able to store even more information. Therefore, producers can store high-definition music as well as video on those media. Nonetheless, all of these media have a …