How to Avoid Frustration When Installing Home Theater Equipment

Many people purchase home theater in a box kits. These kits are usually much cheaper than if you were to purchase individual speakers and home theater receivers. They usually contain all of the components required for the installation. Usually, such kits a receiver is well as a number of loudspeakers. The amplifier which is going to drive each speaker is already built into the AV receiver.

Therefore, this seems to be quite easy to set up. However, sometimes there will be some frustration. In particular, the large number of speakers that need to be set up can be a hassle. Not only will you have to string a significant amount of speaker wire throughout your room but you will also need to keep track of which speaker is connected to which output of the AV receiver.

In addition, you will also have to keep note of the polarity of each speaker clamp. Each speaker clamp usually is color coded in that one of terminals is in a different color the other terminal. Most commonly the colors red and black are being used. When connecting the speaker cable with the speaker clamp, you should note the color on the actual speaker cable. Let’s say for example the speaker cable has one strand which is color black then you should connect that strand with the black speaker terminal. When you connect that strand of the speaker cable with the AV receiver you should also connect black strand with the black speaker clamp of the AV receiver.

Another point of frustration that sometimes occurs is that when people discover that the speaker cable does not connect directly with the AV receiver. That might be the case if the AV receiver only offers banana jacks instead of speaker clamp terminals. Banana jacks require the speaker cable to be fitted to banana plugs. Some vendors will include these plugs with the kit. However, sometimes these plugs are not included which means you will have to run out and purchase them separately.

When connecting the speaker cable with the banana plugs, I would double back the ends of the speaker cable to make sure they are squeezed tight when making the connection. Therefore you might have to strip the end of the speaker cable for at least half an inch. That way you can double back the end and twisted in order to get a good bite when screwing the banana plugs screws.

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