How to Fix a Broken Volume Control inside Your Audio Equipment

The volume control is probably one of the most used control elements of any type of equipment. Let’s just imagine an audio amplifier. You would probably adjust the volume several times a day. That means that is quite an amount of wear and tear on the volume control of your audio amplifier. Over time, this volume control can wear out and cause problems. I will offer some tips for fixing a broken volume control.

If you still have warranty on your equipment then you might want to try to talk the retailer what manufacturer to see if you can get your product fixed for free. You might have to pay for the return shipping but there shouldn’t be any charges incurred for labor or parts. Most products are warranted for at least 90 days after the purchase date.

However, if you have damaged the control or dropped the equipment then that would not be covered by the warranty. Also, if you have exceeded the warranty, then you will have no choice but either to pay for the repair or do the repair yourself.

It is quite difficult actually to replace a broken volume control. While the knock itself is usually quite easily accessible from the outside of the equipment, getting to the actual potential meter which is the core part responsible for controlling the volume is often quite difficult. Anyway, let’s get started.

First of all, you will have to remove the actual mop which is on the outside of the equipment. This is usually done by loosening the small screw that attaches the knob to the shaft of the potential meter. Some controls are simply slid on which means you can try to gently pull it off the shaft by using a small screwdriver.

Next, it is time to open the enclosure. Obviously you want to unplug the equipment from power because otherwise there would be safety hazard. After you have opened the enclosure, you can locate the potential meter on the circuit board. Many types of equipment have a dedicated circuit board which is screwed to the front panel.

You will have to remove that circuit board from the front panel by loosening the screws which connect the board with the panel. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to remove the actual potential meter. Then, it is time to find a replacement. Make sure to look at the value of the part and replace it with an identical part. You might want to call the manufacturer to purchase a replacement part.

I would caution you though that if you are not Used To Soldering Parts Then I Would Better step done by somebody who is more knowledgeable. Finally after replacing the potential meter, it is time to reassemble the enclosure and reattached the volume up. Afterwards give it a try and see if it works better.

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