Some Tips for Setting up a Network Player

Network players have become widespread within the last few years. They are based on a fairly new technology of streaming audio using a network protocol. Most homes nowadays are wired in some fashion. That means that you can transfer data between a PC or laptop which is located in any room of your house and other devices in your home. Music is now being digitized as well. That means songs are represented as data instead of an analog signal.

As a result, you can easily transfer this data between different locations. There are several manufacturers that offer networked audio systems. The core of these systems is usually a network player. This network player will store data on an internal hard drive. It is equipped with a network interface that allows streaming of songs or videos which are on the local hard drive to devices which are connected to the network. Some network players even offer a wireless network functionality while others simply offer in interface that allows you to plug in an external network card.

If you have a player that already includes wireless connectivity then I suggest placing it in a location that is fairly close to each of your network devices. If there are some devices in your house which are fairly remote then you might want to consider purchasing a repeater which is installed between the network player and the network device. A repeater will pick up the signal from the player and then re-transmitted to be able to travel to the remote device.

Also, make sure put the player on a safe and steady surface. Vibrations can impact the functionality of the internal hard drive. Note that some hard drives are fairly noisy and as such you want to locate the network player away from location where you are listening to music. Also, don’t block any of the heat vents of the enclosure. If any of those vents are blocked, the network player can easily overheat. Most notably the hard drive causes a sufficient amount of heat which can cause failure of some internal components.

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