Some Ways for Streaming Audio from Your Computer

In the good old days, people used to buy albums and then later CDs. The switch to the CD from the album has been a huge leap in terms of audio quality. You might remember listening to music on an album and the popping and crackling that you would get. While this used to add some character to the music, people nowadays prefer high fidelity audio. Therefore, the CD was introduced. However, the CD was then replaced or substituted by the Blu-ray or DVD. Both of these media are able to store much more information than the CD. Therefore, the DVD has become the classic medium for storing movies. The high definition DVD as well as the Blu-ray CD are even more advanced than the classic DVD and are able to store even more information. Therefore, producers can store high-definition music as well as video on those media. Nonetheless, all of these media have a substantial drawback: it is difficult to manage them. Especially if you want to collect the playlist it is virtually impossible unless you have a CD changer which is able to swap CDs. Also, CDs and DVDs over time will get some scratches and thus some portions may become unreadable.

That is why nowadays the majority of people store their music collection in digital format on a computer or portable device. Since memory is still precious, people typically use some sort of compression in order to store the media. The most well-known compression format for storing audio is MP3. AAC is a more advanced audio compression scheme which was later introduced in this now often used instead of MP3. Either of these formats are able to cut down the amount of data required for storing music.

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Regardless of how you store your music, chances are you don’t want to listen over some crummy PC speakers. Nowadays people often stream music from their portable devices or from the computer. The most convenient way to stream audio is by using a wireless link. Such link can be established by using a well-established wireless protocol including Bluetooth. A lot of portable devices such as cell phones and MP3 players nowadays support Bluetooth as well as streaming via Bluetooth.

Amphony speakers

As a result of that Bluetooth wireless speakers have become more and more popular because they can directly receive audio from either a computer which is equipped with Bluetooth or portable device. Screaming is usually straightforward. The first step involves pairing the speakers with the streaming device. Next, there has to be a connection established which is usually done with the push of a button on your cell phone. If you’re using a computer then you will need to set the output of your music player to wireless streaming. There are also some manufacturers out there who make multiroom home audio systems which are much more advanced. These systems usually can transmit the audio without losing audio compression unlike Bluetooth. Therefore, these systems are able to support much higher bit rates and higher audio fidelity.

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